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Travelling when pregnant

If your pregnancy is running smoothly, you can travel with us up to when you’re 36 weeks pregnant without any red tape. The aforementioned timeframe assumes the number of weeks on return.
Up to 36 weeks the passenger shall be accepted without any medical formalities provided that:

  • The birth is not due in the next 4 weeks;
  • She is aware of the pregnancy time or the anticipated date of birth;
  • There has been no twin pregnancy previously;

 N.B.: It is recommended to submit a medical declaration attesting to the non-occurrence of the aforementioned points.
From 36 weeks to 7 days prior to the anticipated date of birth, the passenger may only travel if she submits:

  •  A medical declaration issued within the 7 days prior to the anticipated travel date which states the number of weeks, the evolution of the pregnancy and the anticipated date of the birth;
  • Signature of a "Term of Responsibility".

In the 7 days prior to the anticipated date of birth and subsequent days:

  • The passenger may only be accepted to travel in urgent, duly justified cases, being accompanied by a qualified midwife or doctor.