FAQ's (ACMI and Wetlease)


What is an ACMI?

It is a flight in which White will fly with a call sign of another company. White supplies the aircraft, the crew, the maintenance and the insurance.

How long after an ACMI can we take off?

White can take off three hours after the flight confirmation.

In an ACMI can White arrange catering with departure from Lisbon if requested?

Yes, we can provide catering if requested timely.

In an ACMI can White arrange handling and fuel with departure from Lisbon?

Yes, the cost will be debited to the client and reconciled after the flight.

Is there a price basis type for the Wetlease service?

No. The price per hour (block hour) results from information supplied by the client, like:

- Type of aircraft intended
- Base and routes
- Duration of Lease
- Minimum guarantee of hours (block hours) per month, or for the globality of the contract.

In the Wetlease service can the cabin crew be supplied by the client?

Yes. It is called Damp Lease in this case.

In the Wetlease service, can the client personalize the aircraft with the respective painting?

Yes, depending on the duration of the lease and of the approval by the Portuguese aeronautical authority.