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Safety Policy

Corporate Safety Policy Statement


White Airways mission states that comfort of passengers, punctuality and safe flight operations are core values. Together they contribute to the overall objective of excellence of service. In this respect, there is no compromise and a zero accidents goal is expected from our daily aviation operations.
White Airways’ top management is committed to implementing, developing and improving management systems, strategies and processes to ensure that aviation activities maintain a high standard of safety performance in order to achieve the above stated goal.

The Safety Management System is instrumental to the company accident prevention program and is focussed in supporting flight operations. It is based upon core values and safety beliefs as follows:


  • Safety is a core value of the business and a personal value;
  • All accidents and serious incidents are preventable;
  • Safety is a source of our competitive advantage.


The safety approach pursued by White Airways, as defined in the Safety Management System, includes the following elements:

  • A top management commitment through allocation of resources and senior managers’ accountability for line managers and collaborators safety performance;
  • All collaborators are responsible to act in a safe manner, while, the company will ensure that all personnel is aware of safety rules or processes and it will recognize safe behaviours;
  • All activities are to be performed in a safe, ethical and healthy environment;
  • Auditing of the safety management system and measurement of performance improvement.
  • Effective safety communication channels;

Finally, it is the senior management view that learning from our own errors, adhering to the best sector practices and working as an efficient team leads to a high level of motivation and participation required to make White Airways a safe and successful organization.