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General Policy

The White Airways General Policy, approved by the Accountable Manager, reflects an effective commitment of the Board and is based on the following principles:


  • A management system1, across all organization, that assures the operations control and the treatment of the results of safety, security and quality activities;
  • Accomplishment of national and international aeronautical regulations;
  • Compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and procedures, whichever the location where the operations are being carried out;
  • Embracing of safety, security and quality as fundamental priorities for all White’s activities;
  • Embracing the zero accidents philosophy as a main and permanent objective in all company activities;
  • Implementation of measures to ensure that passengers, crew, ground staff and the general public are protected from acts of unlawful interference;
  • Implementation of security measures, proportionate to perceived threats and duly adjusted to the special circumstances of each flight operated by White;
  • Effective answer to market demands through flexible and innovative solutions with standards of excellence;
  • Close cooperation with customers and suppliers;
  • Provide services that fulfill the requirements agreed with costumers (stated and not stated), providing them with the best levels of safety and reliability, in order to achieve their satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Adoption of safety, security and quality as positive factors of differentiation and competitiveness;
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of its processes and procedures;
  • Prompt notification of situations of deviation to the established procedures or which may lead to accidents or incidents, through the channels of safety, security or quality, with the guarantee of confidentiality and no disciplinary punishment of the participant in the notification;
  • Professional development of staff, via appropriate training and experience;
  • Development of a safe and healthy work environment for White’s staff;
  • Development of a company’s positive image.

This set of principles aims to achieve safety and security of the operations and the excellence of White Airways services.

This policy will be split into departmental policies, as necessary and appropriate.

The accomplishment of this policy and its principles goes through awareness and adhesion of all White’s staff.

1 The combination of managers and associated resources that allows the direction, supervision and control of an organization.



White Airways General Policy